Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leather Sofa World, 60 Minute Makeover, Winsford, Cheshire

Leather Sofa World was featured in the ITV, 60 Minute Makeover series in Winsford, Cheshire. We provided a number of Jali sheesham wooden items of furniture, including the pyramid shown within this video.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Popularity Of Recliners

The Recliner – the ultimate in masculinity – a place to relax, leave all your troubles behind and find your inner peace! 

Perhaps with the huge popularity of TV shows such as ‘Friends’ featuring these fantastic pieces of furniture as a status symbol this may be the reason for why the industry has seen a massive rise over the last few years in the demand for such items. There are two main rules when purchasing a recliner. 

1) It must be made from quality leather that will last for years to come. 

2) It must be the most comfortable seat you have ever sat on!

Leather Sofa World has also seen a huge rise in interest in recliners over the last couple of years so not only do we have a range of single recliner chairs but also stock reclining sofas! So now the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a reclining seat! 

We have a lucious recliner sofa set recently added to our signature range. The 'imperial' is available to buy direct from our website, view this reclining sofa here.

The imperial reclining sofa set

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Leather Sofa World, Signature Range

We are committed to providing high quality leather sofas and suites at incredibly low prices to the private and public sectors. We like to keep our customers up to date with our news and views and today we would like to tell you about our new Signature Range. The Signature Range is our series of supremely crafted top of the range leather sofas , suites and recliners. The models in the range including the ‘Emperor’, ‘Royale’ and ‘Monarch’ are fast becoming some of our customer’s favourites! With many of our Signature Range being made from high class Semi Aniline leather (take a peek at our guide to leather types for more info on this) there is no wonder why they have become so popular as it would prove difficult to find sofas of this level at the same incredibly low prices anywhere else! Our Signature Range sofas are all derived from stylish Italian designs and feature pocket sprung cushions which are made from independent springs allowing them to adjust individually for phenomenal comfort and support, alongside solid wooden feet and not to mention their incredible pricing!


Take a look at our website now to see for yourself how affordable one of our new Signature Range of sofas . With more and more items being added to this range it really is worth checking out as the feedback that we have had from our customers regarding the quality of the sofas has been stupendous! But don’t take our word for it – take a look at our customer testimonials page to find to read their views!

The UK Toxic Sofa Scare

There has been a huge amount of press over the last 12 months now in regards to the ‘itchy sofa’ scare so we have delved in to researching just exactly what happened to bring you the facts!
Late last year (2007) reports starting emerging that a number of people were starting to complain of skin irritations, not that unusual, until you find out that there was one common factor with all of these peoples mysteriously sudden cases of rashes – they had all purchased leather sofas from 3 major high street stores. Again, it was surprising to find out that each of these companies had been selling leather sofas supplied to them by the same major Chinese company. There seemed to be a definite link between the Chinese sofas and the terrible skin complaints that were being reported across the UK.  

As time went on more and more cases seemed to be brought forward and the extensive list of symptoms included rashes, blisters, dermatitis, weeping wounds, eczema and in some very extreme cases blood poisoning; there were even reports that the sofas had in some way effected family pets to the point that their fur was falling out at a dramatic rate! Many people suffered from depression out of being totally unaware as to why they had these awful burn-like rashes all over their bodies that would just not go away. Finally an answer came. It had been discovered that the Chinese company had used an anti fungal chemical called Di-Methyl Fumarate (DMF) which was stored in sachets and inserted in to the leather sofas in order to prevent moisture and mould whilst in transport. Unbeknownst to the major high street stores concerned as well as their customers who were buying these sofas, the DMF was causing all of these terrible and unrelenting symptoms. It was found that when subjected to a warm environment the DMF crystals in the sachets were evaporating in to toxic gases which penetrated the sofas and passed through clothes on to the skin of the person sitting on the sofa where it created an allergic reaction.  

The story was covered in February of this year by BBC’s Watchdog programme in which the Chinese manufacturer denied the allegations and with over a thousand people complaining they had ‘itchy sofa’ syndrome many started seeking compensation. Eventually, solicitors Russell, Jones & Walker (RJW) became the main campaigners for this compensation, representing now over 1300 people in their claims. Joined in group litigation against the companies supplying the effected sofas, it is the largest ever defective product action ever recorded in England and Wales.

The information came as a relief to many people who were undergoing treatment for their traumatisation including creams, antibiotics and steroids. They now knew what was causing their terrible skin outbreaks and were able to do something about it by disposing of their effected sofas immediately. However, some experienced great difficulty in having their sofas replaced by the companies they had purchased from – some were even left for weeks with nothing to sit on! To date the battle is still ongoing with more and more people coming forward with complaints about their toxic sofas. Infact, RJW believe that there could be over 50,000 homes that are harbouring a defective sofa so there is no telling when these problems will cease, even though all of the effected models were eventually recalled.  

One reason why we wanted to bring you this important update is to ensure our customers that Leather Sofa World has never had any dealings with the Chinese manufacturer concerned and that we have never had any sort of complaint in regards to skin conditions associated with any of our products, we also felt that it is our duty to create more awareness of this issue as many people are still suffering in silence having no idea that it is their sofa that is causing them so much distress. We make health and safety a priority when selecting new sofas for our ranges and always ensure that they exceed British Safety Standards.

If you feel that you may have been affected by the ‘itchy sofa’ syndrome then you can find a list of bad sofa batch numbers at the RJW website along with some useful information on what to do next . You can also read the BBC’s Watchdog report here.

New Line - Press Release - Luciana

We are proud to present our new addition to complement our high quality leather sofa range, the Luciana! Stylish Italian design and superior high quality leather make the Luciana a superb addition to your living room. 

This model creates an impressively lavish statement as well as providing top class comfort. A high profile piece with outstanding support and durability the Luciana really is in a league of its own in terms of caliber and price, costing only £675 for a 3 and 2 seater. 

Now being stocked in a rich chocolate brown colour we will also soon be offering this model in elegant cream. From our special ‘Signature’ range the ‘Luciana’ is proving a huge hit already only after a few days of being on our website and is fast becoming a favorite with our customers – but who could blame them! 

High quality leather with added protection to make cleaning and maintenance easy plus contemporary styling, all for an astoundingly low price, what’s not to love. We are anticipating that the ‘Luciana’ will be in huge demand very soon so make sure you order yours today!

We are committed to keeping our customers up to date with new products and articles on the movement of interior design so register with our blog to get our news sent directly to you!

The Positive Effect Of Modern Furniture On Your Home

Leather Sofa World is committed to supplying high quality low priced leather sofa suites and furniture to our customers across the UK. We try to keep up to date with ongoing issues that our customers face that relate to home living. It is a common knowledge that contemporary furniture can give life to a dull home. You need not go into an expensive home renovation or improvement project just to give your home the elegance and beauty that it deserves. In fact, all you need to do is purchase the right furniture that will fit perfectly with your home's overall design and theme. Very simple and not as expensive as the other options you may have in mind.

Why Modern Furniture ?

Modern, or contemporary, furniture is at the height of interior design today and has been for some time. Many home owners have done away with their bulky and ancient furniture, and replaced it with cost-effect, space-savvy modern furniture designs. Considering that space is quite limited in some homes, you need to purchase home furnishings that will provide maximum comfort and convenience without taking up too big of a space. Modern furniture can rise up to the challenge by providing quality design with space-saving features. For example, why not look at purchasing a corner suite sofa that will fit snugly in your living room leaving lots of left over space that a conventional 2 or 3 piece suite may have swallowed up?

Leather Sofa World provides a huge range of contemporary products to really bring out a positive effect in your home from funky glass tables to high quality modern Italian designed sofas. Take a look at our website and see for yourself.

Leather Sofa World Guide To Oak Furniture

We like to keep our customers updated with current issues in the world of interior design that may prove to be of interest and some use. Oak has been a popular choice of timber for furniture in Britain for many years. The reasons for this are as follows; oak is commonly found in most parts of the UK, it can be extremely tough and durable and it also has an attractive colour so is pleasing to the eye. More recently oak furniture has seen a revival in popularity thanks to new supplies of oak coming in from Europe and Asia.

When purchasing oak furniture, it is important to understand the significance of the term solid oak furniture, rather than just oak furniture. Solid oak furniture is generally regarded as being the highest quality. It is made from solid planks of oak.

A mixture of solid oak and ash is a popular option amongst contemporary furniture makers. Usually the woods are carefully matched for grain and colour and the overall result can be very attractive.

To match sections of wood in this way can be very difficult and time consuming, so the next option is to just glue the timbers together and create a uniform finish by applying a wood veneer. This still has similar qualities of strength and durability as solid oak furniture or mixed oak and ash, yet should prove to be much more inexpensive than solid oak furniture.

The only other way of creating oak style furniture is to coat an MDF style board with oak veneer, which should more really be described as oak finish furniture as does not contain any oak wood. This type of furniture is very common as it is extremely affordable, however it does not have the durability qualities like some of the other types o wood may possess. Techniques are constantly improving however and some manufacturers are now able to produce furniture in these materials that is quite acceptable to all but the most discerning consumer and represents a lot of the type of furniture that most large branded furniture companies offer.

Please come back to see us for more of our news and views in the future!

Guide To Modernising Your Home

Leather Sofa World is committed to supplying high quality low priced leather sofa suites and furniture to our customers across the UK. We try to keep up to date with ongoing issues that our customers face that relate to home living. Many of our customers want to bring their home up to date and in the world today most things are modernized, be it interior design, clothing or even music. We think of being modern as being in trend with the latest fashions and being in style. Modernising things can make life easier, it provides a beautiful look to one’s life and in terms of home decoration there are a lot of modern things that are created to put this contemporary feeling in to our homes.

If you look around you can see the difference of the past and the present in a lot of things. By looking at some pictures in your photo album, you can see it on how an individual may have dressed then and how that person has changed today. We must accept the truth that nothing is permanent in this world so we need to adopt those modern things that are now being introduced.

If we are going to talk about clothing, almost every month the trend is fast changing. Though it may be too expensive to be in trend, there are things that you can be in fashion with but don’t need to spend a lot of money. Modernising a home is one way of putting yourself into the trend without breaking the bank. Instead of spending a lot of money buying fashionable clothes and shoes that can be obsolete in the future, why not spend some time and money making your home modernised ?

Modern furniture will help you make your home into a stylish place to live, and, the trend in fashion on homes has a longer time span than the fashion on clothing. In this way you can always be in fashion having a beautifully designed house. Use modern furniture as a start of blending other things in your home. You can read some magazine or surf the internet so you can have an idea on how to start designing your home. Choose styles and decoration that will fit the architecture of your home and those things that you want to have in your living space.

Leather Sofa World has a fantastic range of sofas, beds, glass and wood furniture all for unbelievable prices so why not take a look at now to see how you could catapult your home in to a chic place to live!

7 Top Tips To Buying Your First Sofa

Leather Sofa World not only provides exceptionally low discounted leather sofas and furniture, we also like to advise our customers on what sofa choice may be best for them by offering professional advice and opinions. Our 7 steps to buying your first sofa are a few suggestions about what you should take in to consideration if this is your first time buying a new sofa.

1) Budget: It is really important that before you even start looking at sofas that you decide what your maximum budget is to spend. Be realistic with what sort of investment you want to make in a piece of furniture that will hopefully last for a number of years. Once you have organized you budget you may be surprised at what you can get for your money!

2) Space: Don’t make the mistake of being disappointed when your chosen sofa won’t even fit through your door! Measure carefully your doors or windows to make sure that you will manage to get the item in to your living room. It’s also vital that you choose a sofa / suite that is not going to completely take over your room, so have a good idea about how much space you have to play with and how much of this space is going to be filled up by your chosen sofa. For small rooms why not think about purchasing a corner sofa unit? These are compact and a real space saver - take a look at our ‘Rio’ model which shows this brilliantly.

3) Users: Who is your sofa going to be used by? If you live on your own you may feel that you only need maybe a single 2 or 3 seater sofa, if you are a family with children then you may want to opt for a 3 piece suite to accommodate for all those people.

4) Comfort: It is imperative when selecting a new sofa that it is comfortable for you; after all, you are going to have to sit on it practically every day for the next few years! The majority of our leather sofas have pocket sprung seat technology made from independent springs allowing them to individually adjust to your body weight and position for a supremely comfortable and supportive seat.

5) Leather: When buying a leather sofa you should always do a bit of homework to see what type of leather you are actually buying. For more information on this you can check out our blog on Leather Types. It is important to keep in mind that leather does need looking after so we strongly recommend our leather care kits to make sure that you get the best out of your sofa for years to come. Also, little things like keeping your sofa away from heat sources that can induce cracking and splitting of the leather is a great way to keep it in good condition.

6) Rented Accommodation: If you are living in rented accommodation it is critical that your sofa meets British Standard UK Fire Regulations as it is against the law to have an unsafe sofa if you are renting. All of Leather Sofa Worlds products exceed these regulations as safety is a major priority when we select our new sofa ranges.

7) Style: Remember that you are going to have to live with your sofa for a few years to come so choose a style that will wear well with the future trends that may come about…for example…in five years time will you still love that lime green low backed sofa that you love so much now? Maybe not, so think wisely and purchase something that will blend in with whatever d├ęcor you may subject your home to in the future!

Leather Sofa World advises taking these 7 factors in to consideration before buying your first sofa

Guide To Leather Types

Leather Sofa World not only provides high quality leather sofas and furniture for remarkably low prices, we also like to keep our customers happy with researching in to commonly asked questions to try to give a better understanding of issues that we deal with on a regular basis. Many customers question what different types of leather there are as descriptions nowadays contain all sorts of names for the material that has been used to make the product. The following are the main types of leather that you would usually find sofas being described as and we will explain a little more about them as we go along:

Top Grain Leather: This is the outer most layer of the hide, considered to be the best cut and of a much higher quality to split leather due to its higher resistance to damage.

Split Leather: This is leather is made from the lower layers of the hide that lie close to the flesh of the beast. It is split away from the upper layers and is generally more fragile in that it is not as durable as the higher quality grains and can be prone to splitting with continuous wear.

Aniline Leather: This is leather that is coloured all the way through with a transparent dye, only the best hides can be used for this as the transparent dye allows for the beasts natural scarring/markings to show through.

Semi-Aniline Leather: This is Aniline Leather to which a protective coating is added leaving more of an even colour and ensuring that the leather is at less risk from damage and staining.
Corrected Grain Leather: This is leather that has been buffed to remove imperfections which is then covered with a pigment and finish that provides a uniform man made grain to ensure that the same pattern is shown throughout the product.  

Bycast Leather: Made using either Top Grain or Split Leather it is ironed out very smooth to remove a lot of natural graining and then coated heavily with a protective seal that enables easy cleaning and protects the surface from damage.

Bonded Leather: This is an artificial product that is made from around 80%+ real leather fibers (often derived from workshop scraps). The fibers are mixed with latex binders and finished with a man made ‘grain effect’ look. This type of leather is much cheaper than most of the other types of leather and a quality example can be hard to distinguish from real leather.

Faux Leather: This is not made from leather at all. It is made from PVC and is designed to look like leather but is very inexpensive and can often be recognisably different from leather. It is easy to clean and varies in quality.

So, we hope that this introduction in to the different types of leather may have been of use to you whilst deciding what type of leather sofa is suitable for you. For more tips please sign up for our blog to be sent to you directly to keep up to date with new products, Leather Sofa World news and articles in relation to leather sofas, furniture, design and research that we have carried out.

More detailed information about leather is available from the BLC Leather Technology Centre

Predictions For Living Room Style Winter 2008 / 2009

Leather Sofa World understands the needs of their customers so as well as offering astonishing discounted prices on many of our sofa and furniture ranges we also like to keep one step ahead in the fashion stakes. Through research in to the upcoming ranges of leather sofas and furniture becoming available on the market, this winter we predict that all that glistens will be gold – well, antique gold! We will be seeing a sudden step away from shiny steel and chrome finishes that have made such an impact on the way we present our homes. Gone are the perfect right angles and loud colours!

This winter it is all about going back to nature – imagine natural woods, burnished bronzes, dirty golds and tree bark browns, added to a hint of creamy straw and your there! This new wave of relaxing and rich colours will bring warmth and life to your home and we have a few items that may come in useful for you to achieve this look! Take, for example, our range of Shesham wood products made from the finest Indian rosewood that will add instant atmosphere and authenticity to your surroundings. Couple that with one of our unbeatable value chocolate brown or cream leather sofas to make a central relaxation place for you and your family – all you need now is some rustic looking mirrors and a shabby chic gold chandelier to finish the look!

Stand out from the crowd and enhance your home this winter using Leather Sofa Worlds predication for Winter 2008 / 2009 – you can visit our site to discover our new ranges to complement your living space now.

The Increasing Demand For Quality Leather Corner Suites

Leather Sofa World Ltd is not just a rapidly expanding online provider of high quality leather sofas. We are also fanatical researchers in to the latest trends and styles going on in the world of interior design. We have discovered recently that over the last few months the demand for good quality leather corner units has increased dramatically. The general consensus is that they just offer so much more than your average 2 or 3 piece suite. 

A good leather corner suite combines style, practicality and comfort. They are a great space saver as well as being a real focal point that screams coolness! So, to accommodate for this surge of customers crying out for these distinctive, funky looking pieces of furniture.

Leather Sofa World Ltd is currently stocking a range of chocolate, black and cream leather and fabric Italian designed corner sofa units. And, as an added bonus, they are all great value for money as Leather Sofa World believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own a marvelous addition to their home such as a fabulous leather corner suite. 

So, take a look at our collection of corner suites on the website, we are sure you will be impressed!

Beating The Credit Crunch

With so many increases in bills and rates at the moment with the current ‘Credit Crunch’ situation its becoming increasingly difficult to find good deals on home furniture that will really save some pennies - if not pounds - as a number of large retailers are hiking up their prices to cover their huge overheads. As a purely online retailer, at Leather Sofa World we have stuck to our incredibly low prices and are still making even more discounts day by day! 

We can afford to do this because we don’t have the expense of running multiple showrooms; we do in all online from one site. That’s also how we promise to deliver within 7 days – we keep a huge stock off all of our ranges in one place and our own drivers deliver straight to you – simple! With things looking drab for the near future in relation to energy costs and the like at least you can rely on us to continue providing quality leather sofas at exceptional prices.

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The Leather Sofa World official blog is now available through our twitter account

The Leather Sofa World official blog is now available through our twitter account

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New Leather Sofa World Blog

Welcome to the new Leather Sofa World blog where we can keep you, our beloved customers, updated with all the goings on at the Internet's best furniture store.

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