Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Popularity Of Recliners

The Recliner – the ultimate in masculinity – a place to relax, leave all your troubles behind and find your inner peace! 

Perhaps with the huge popularity of TV shows such as ‘Friends’ featuring these fantastic pieces of furniture as a status symbol this may be the reason for why the industry has seen a massive rise over the last few years in the demand for such items. There are two main rules when purchasing a recliner. 

1) It must be made from quality leather that will last for years to come. 

2) It must be the most comfortable seat you have ever sat on!

Leather Sofa World has also seen a huge rise in interest in recliners over the last couple of years so not only do we have a range of single recliner chairs but also stock reclining sofas! So now the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a reclining seat! 

We have a lucious recliner sofa set recently added to our signature range. The 'imperial' is available to buy direct from our website, view this reclining sofa here.

The imperial reclining sofa set


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  2. there is nothing quite like a good old relax and recline!!! for those of you that are new to the sofa game, you are looking for something that has a 3 stage reclining mechanism, (which according to the description this particular model has) this means you can go from upright-to reclined-to sleepy town in three easy steps!!!! ooooh sally. this is truly the boy

  3. Eye-catching living room furniture that not only looks amazing but is also affordable, check out this classy leather furniture

  4. Thanks for sharing this information...A recliner is good for relaxing and lounging. All of the above features also help people with medical conditions who find recliners useful in addition to being comfortable.

  5. Purchasing a reclining chair would be better for you could feel more relaxed. It is made of leather that is known to be a great material for it could last long compared to other types of chair.

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  8. Definitely, leather sofas need to be durable and comfortable. Recliners have grown in popularity over the last few years, I wonder if this trend will continue?

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