Monday, October 6, 2008

Leather Sofa World Guide To Oak Furniture

We like to keep our customers updated with current issues in the world of interior design that may prove to be of interest and some use. Oak has been a popular choice of timber for furniture in Britain for many years. The reasons for this are as follows; oak is commonly found in most parts of the UK, it can be extremely tough and durable and it also has an attractive colour so is pleasing to the eye. More recently oak furniture has seen a revival in popularity thanks to new supplies of oak coming in from Europe and Asia.

When purchasing oak furniture, it is important to understand the significance of the term solid oak furniture, rather than just oak furniture. Solid oak furniture is generally regarded as being the highest quality. It is made from solid planks of oak.

A mixture of solid oak and ash is a popular option amongst contemporary furniture makers. Usually the woods are carefully matched for grain and colour and the overall result can be very attractive.

To match sections of wood in this way can be very difficult and time consuming, so the next option is to just glue the timbers together and create a uniform finish by applying a wood veneer. This still has similar qualities of strength and durability as solid oak furniture or mixed oak and ash, yet should prove to be much more inexpensive than solid oak furniture.

The only other way of creating oak style furniture is to coat an MDF style board with oak veneer, which should more really be described as oak finish furniture as does not contain any oak wood. This type of furniture is very common as it is extremely affordable, however it does not have the durability qualities like some of the other types o wood may possess. Techniques are constantly improving however and some manufacturers are now able to produce furniture in these materials that is quite acceptable to all but the most discerning consumer and represents a lot of the type of furniture that most large branded furniture companies offer.

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